Paddock Mating

Alpaca mating in the paddock.

Not all alpaca know what to do when it comes to mating. For this reason, some breeders choose a dedicated breeding area, which could be a small paddock, a stall in a shed or a set of yards if large enough.

An alternative, which is ideal if the first time breeder, is to allow the mating to happen in a paddock.

In the example here, the herd only has one entire male of the right age. So any recorded pregnancies can be linked back to this entire male.

And to ensure only the females who are suitable for breeding are introduced to this male, the females have been isolated into separate paddocks.

Alpaca mating

This young male is 3 years and one month old. This is his first time mixing with the girls. He was a quick learner and two of the girls sat for him.

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